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Boyoma Resort

Boyoma’s Facilities impressions

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To stay at Boyoma Resort is to enjoy a unique wildlife experience and sample the comforts of a luxury, tropical Nature Lodge all at the same time. Part of the proceeds of your stay goes towards feeding and nursing the scores of infant and maltreated young adult chimpanzees we look after at Boyoma Sanctuary. Your Lodge is but a short walk from our sanctuary, so you even get to see where your money goes. You can spend time watching the baby chimps play, visit the medical facilities for the chimps in need of treatment and browse through our educational center or just walk through the island's tropical woodlands. You can take the 10-minute ferry boat ride to watch the local villagers pick fruit for the chimps and see the village children in class at the school we built for them….or just laze at the poolside for a few hours.

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Boyoma Island

Boyoma Island lies in the middle of the Congo river - the ninth largest in the world and Africa's most watery river and the deepest river in the world. It is 35 km by road from Kisangani (formally Stanleyville), which is the largest of the cities that lie in the tropical forests of the Democratic Republic Congo, and the nation's second largest port.

Boyoma Island measures 105 hectares and houses our chimpanzee sanctuary, scientific quarters, infirmary, staff area and eight luxury lodges for guests like yourself.

The Congo river is quite wide at this point but chimpanzees dislike water so they don't venture off the island. And since the island's banks are too high and steep for crocodiles to climb, the chimps (and we humans) are safe there.

Boyoma is a natural environment for chimps as well as other secondary tropical forest species. Butterflies, spiders, fruit bats, parrots and several tree and plant sorts populate the island and nearby mainland.

Boyoma Facilities

Boyoma's Nature Lodges are spacious and comfortable. They are surrounded by trees and shrubs with lawns and paths and are located within a short walk of the river bank and the chimpanzee sanctuary. There is a swimming pool and an attractive restaurant that serves three delicious meals a day (if you wish) and is amply stocked with wines and beers, spirits and soft drinks, coffees and teas.

Golf carts are available to guests to take you the short distance from your lodge to the chimpanzee sanctuary where you are welcome to watch the infants being fed and the older chimps romp in their enclosures or take a guided tour round the animal infirmary.

The island's boats are available at prearranged times should you wish to visit Sinia, the local community. It's only a 10 minute trip to the mainland shore where you can visit the village market and the primary school we built for the local children where they are taught an understanding of and respect for Africa's threatened species as well as essential subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic.

Accommodation at Boyoma

Each of the one or two-bedroom lodges at Boyoma has its own coffee/tea maker, bathroom, attractive living room and a terrace of some 40-50 m2. Beds are doubles with comfortable mattresses and cotton bed linen and all rooms are well-lit and air-conditioned. The lodges nestle among trees near the water's edge, have TV and are a short walk (or golf cart ride) from the chimpanzees.

The lodges are built of long-lasting bamboo materials, mostly from Asia, with thatch-style roofs and are carefully maintained and cleaned daily by our staff of local villagers.

Getting there

Perhaps not surprisingly the DRC's best air connections with countries outside Africa, for example in Europe, are via Air France (from Paris, France) and Brussels Airlines (from Brussels, Belgium). However several other airlines fly to the DRC including Kenya Airways (from Nairobi) and Turkish Airlines (from Istanbul).

The DRC's own Compagnie Afrique d'Aviation flies in some two hours, three times a week, from Kinshasa to Kisangani and our own organization arranges your onward travel to Boyoma Island by road (in one hour) and ferry boat (10 minutes).


Booking Enquiry

The facilities at Boyoma Island are still under construction but in the course of 2015 the infirmary and chimpanzee enclosures will be finished as well as the eight Nature Lodges. Until then it will not be possible to visit Boyoma. However, if you let us know when you would ideally like to stay here we will keep you informed of progress, suitable flights, visa details etc. and you could be among the first to see our chimpanzee sanctuary in action. Thank you for your interest. The Boyoma Team.